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Alice Sophia Eve , London, England, UK
Alex Cowper-Smith (m. 2014)
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Alice Sophia Eve (born 6 February 1982) is an English actress. She is known for her lead in She's Out of My League and also appeared in Sex and the City 2. She will also star in the up-coming The Decoy Bride and Men in Black III.
Eve has starred in television dramas including the BBC's The Rotters' Club, Poirot and Hawking,[citation needed] as well as the film Stage Beauty (2004).
Eve played significant roles in two 2006 films: Starter for 10 and Big Nothing (in which she and co-star Simon Pegg used American accents). She spent the early part of 2006 in India working on a drama mini-series Losing Gemma about backpackers.[citation needed]
Eve has appeared in two plays, both directed by Trevor Nunn. In 2006, she appeared in Rock 'n' Roll, a new play by Tom Stoppard at the Royal Court Theatre and reprised her role in the 2007 Broadway transfer. For her performance, she was nominated for the best supporting actress award at the Whatsonstage.com Theatregoers' Choice Awards.[citation needed] In 2009, she played Roxane in a production of Cyrano de Bergerac at the Chichester Festival Theatre.
She starred in the 2010 American film She's Out of My League. In the film, her parents play the roles of her character's parents. She also played the role of Charlotte's Irish nanny, Erin, in Sex and the City 2. In 2011, Eve had a recurring guest role on the 8th season of the HBO series Entourage, playing Sophia, a journalist and love interest to Vincent Chase.
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By JeffAHayes Posted on 04/29/2012

She also helped the HBO series "Entourage" finish its last season playing a high-profile journalist in the final few episodes who interviewed the star and impressed him so that he pursued her until she agreed to a date and then proposed and married her within a day for the final episode. (Sort of silly "fairy tale" ending, but sweet, too.) I don''t understand why THAT''S not in her bio -- especially since she was the only one who finally got "Vincent Chase" to propose.

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